Stephen Crosby

Software engineer with more than ten years of experience in a wide range of web technologies. Able to design and build software systems that scale. DDD practitioner.


  • Programming languages: Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Python
  • Database Systems: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Architectures: Monoliths, microservices, serverless
  • Other great things: Containers, kubernetes, CI, git, open source software

Work Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer
    • SecureDocs, Inc
    • 2017 to present
    • Prdouced and maintain our GraphQL API
    • Worked extensively on React-based front end systems
    • Rebuilt our core product offering around electronic signature
    • Replaced our CI infrastructure and parallelized the build steps, bringing average run times down from 90 to 15 minutes
  • Principal Software Engineer
    • RightScale, Inc
    • 2010 to 2017 (software engineer, then senior, then principal)
    • Implemented new authorization and global access control systems
    • Containerized legacy software systems
    • Led multiple teams on large (multi-year) core enginerring efforts
    • Implemented our i18n strategy
    • Migrated front end technologies from Prototype, to jQuery to Backbone, and finally to Angular and React
  • Co-Founder
    • Branded Crate
    • 2014 to 2019
    • Managed the remote engineering team
    • Worked on many individual agency projects in a large variety of environments
  • Web Developer, Interactive Media
    • The Fresno Bee
    • 2006 to 2010
    • Built web software to support newsroom activities
    • Created a robust high school sports statistics database


Bachelor of Science in Business, Computer Information Systems California State University Fresno, 2007


The center of a hectic newsroom in 2006 was an ideal place to begin a software career. As the only software developer on the “new media” team, I learned how to do everything by myself. Beginning with Perl and /cgi-bin/, through PHP, Python and eventually Ruby, I developed databases and interactive tools to support all manner of newsroom services and I maintained all the infrastructure to support my efforts.

Through a chance connection maintaining a debian package, I landed at RightScale at the beginning of the cloud computing revultion. At RightScale, I learned a great deal from my coworkers and developed my own reputation as a technical leader and a person with the ability to tackle difficult problems and see them through to the finish line. Our organization matured over the years and what began as a monolithic Rails application with mountains of jQuery transformed into an ecosystem of Golang microservices and disparate front end applications.

At SecureDocs, I’ve enjoyed wider freedom to make technical decisions. We’ve had great success with our new GraphQL API that I spearheaded. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to mentor a few interns and junior developers.


  • Proud Father
  • Maintainer of Errbit
  • Private pilot
  • Eagle scout
  • Lover of the Wilderness