I sometimes wonder about people who dedicate all their knowledge resources to only a few development platforms. That’s why I was taken aback recently when I heard some developers that I respect start bashing on PHP. They raised all kinds of invalid arguments (some of which had been valid years ago) to support their position that Perl is better than PHP, or Ruby on Rails is better than PHP, or Python is better than PHP. Now their positions were far deeper than a simple superiority (whatever that means), some of these developers genuinely hate PHP.

For inexperienced developers, I would say this type of attitude is only that, inexperience. But these were seasoned developers. For more experienced developers, maybe its just a bad experience, or myopia or a sad superiority complex. In my view, each platform is a tool and each tool has its purpose. One tool may be generally better than another, but if you only know how to use one or two tools, then you’re probably working too hard. Do yourself a favor and learn to use more tools!