Gate of opportunity In this age where information is power, it’s hard to understand why we’re all wringing our hands at the current state of the economy. Here at newspaper firms, we have libraries full of valuable information at our disposal. Most of it just sits on the shelf undisturbed for ages. Some forward-thinking news outlets saw the opportunity to digitize their information in the hopes of transforming the old library into a serious revenue machine.

While the vast majority of newsrooms were sitting on their thumbs, google has been busy amassing more information than you could possibly imagine, and now they’ve even started archiving newspapers available to view exactly as printed.

Google is planning for the future! Google is moving into position where it can be the keeper of as much information as possible. Where does that leave the current “keepers” of that information? When the prophesies are fulfilled and information is crowned king, I’ll still be here to say I told you so. Why don’t I hear screams of anguish from all the newspaper execs who’ve missed the boat? Now is the time to grab hold of every bit of information you possibly can and hold onto it like a starving monkey eying the last banana on earth.