Front door to the old Fresno Bee building Uptake on the initial buyout packages appears to be pretty slim and almost certainly lower than the 13-25 number that I heard through the grapevine. Barring some kind of miracle, there will have to be more painful layoffs near the end of the month. This time no departments are safe. I’ve been picking up pretty strong signals that even my own web team is no longer invincible. In a meeting today, my suspicions were reinforced. We’re planning to lose at least one member of our six member team.

Three of us are effectively exempt from the buyouts which leaves the other three on the chopping block. So far everything has been handled professionally, but it is painful to watch. This is the closest I’ve ever been to this type of situation and I’m beginning to learn how real it is. Even though I’m probably safe, it’s still depressing to be in the middle of it. More practically, I know that losing a teammate will lead to lower productivity and probably lower product quality as well. I can’t say for sure that I would have declined a buyout opportunity had it been offered.