Bridge school benefit show stage This weekend I took the trip up to bay area for the bridge school benefit show. The show is sponsored by the legendary guitarist Neil Young. The second day had a powerhouse lineup with Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, The Smashing Pumpkins followed by Nora Jones, Josh Groban and Jack Johnson and of course Neil Young made multiple appearances.

I would have had a better time if you could buy a cup of beer for less than $11, but it was still an amazing show. Watching Wilco and The Smashing Pumpkins rock out on accoustic instruments only was an experience to say the least.

Most of the people were there to see Jack Johnson and Norah Jones, but Wilco got a nod of approval from Norah Jones with this cover. I thought it was classy:

In case you decide to go next year, you should know that you can pretty much bring anything to the show as long as its not glass , aluminum or alcoholic. Half the people there were smoking marijuna, and we brought in big sandwiches from a shop in Berkely.