Black widow spider close-up My roommate has been noting the increased number of large and scary black widows that have been hanging around my house lately. There was a noticeable spider problem when I moved in, but I never really cared too much. I’ve just been wiping the cobwebs down every few weeks. Maybe they’re enjoying the cooler weather as much as I am. For whatever reason, they’re out in force and once or twice have cause me to actually feel a little fear. That’s not something I need to stand for in my own house, so I decided I’m going to fight back.

One thing is for sure, this wasn’t going to be a job for some half-assed can of raid, or whatever puny aresol can I could get at the grocery store. I always wondered what those professional pest control guys actually have in their secret tubes of death, so I went out looking. After exactly one google search. I found the good stuff. One pound of Cynoff WP makes about 48 gallons of sweet spidery slumber for only $48 shipped. You can’t beat that with a stick. It should arrive sometime next week.

Update: July 8, 2009 It’s been almost a year and I must say this stuff is the ticket. I’ve since discovered that you can actually get the same chemical (cypermethrin) in the same wettable powder packaging for about $30 per pound if you look for off brand labels. I’ve seen just a handful of spiders since I sprayed and no black widows.