WiFi radio with LCD Finding a good, cheap sound card should have been as easy as ordering the one mentioned on the mighty ohm for $10, but I thought I’d save eight bucks and order the cheapest possible one on ebay. When it arrived, the right channel was totally non-functional and to say the sound quality was poor would be an understatement. It was impressive though, that anyone could manufacture and deliver to my door a brand new USB sound card even counting the defects for only two dollars. But that’s all beside the point.

My second attempt was to borrow an M-Audio Podcast Factory from my boss. She had an extra one floating around and I thought it would make a great USB sound card since it had built in volume controls and RCA outputs. The sound quality overall was a big improvement over the ebay crap, but I started getting little pops during playback. I got the volume levels tuned to where I could bring that down to a minimum, but it was always noticably there. So I broke down and bought a new one for $10 on newegg.com. I got it in today and it works great!

I’m listening to some Ben Folds on this router now and the sound quality has gotten to the point where I can hear the defects in my 128kbps mp3 files, which is excellent because I’ve already started encoding my new music in FLAC. I also updated my display script a little. It’s better, but it tends to cause the audio to skip. I’ll put it here anyway for anyone who’s watching my progress:

echo currentsong \
    | nc 6600 \
    | grep -e '^Artist: ' -e '^Album: ' -e '^Title: ' \
    | sed 's/^[A-Za-z:]*: \(.\{1,20\}\).*/\1?n/' > /dev/tts/0

This little router doesn’t really have any memory to spare so if anyone comes up with some memory saving tips on this bash hack or on openwrt/mpd in general, then drop me a line.